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18.5 Revelation 5: Lunar Origins

“What do you call your moon?”

“I call it the moon.” The silvery orb rose prominent in my view, and I could feel everything I knew about it flash and flicker. Eclipses solar and lunar danced before thousands of images — of its entirety, its mountains and craters, its representations throughout history. It looked bigger in the past.

“How did it form?”

“That is an excellent question, and the answer is not entirely clear. This satellite is almost certainly a result of a collision soon after the formation of Earth. There are several methods to achieve this result. One of the more likely in this case is that a body that was once gravitationally attached to a larger twin between Mars and Jupiter was sent on its collision course by the implosion and obliteration of its captor.”

“And left behind the asteroid belt?”

“Regardless of how it was done, your Moon is stable and ideally suited for promoting and sustaining life on Earth. Its origin is almost certainly the result of Terran design.”

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