99 Glossary

A list of important terms.

ConSci. An extensive archival library created and maintained primarily by the Vulcuns, a native intelligent species of Terra. It used neuronal devices to catalog the conscious experiences of most Terrans, and became known as the Conscience of Terra. It was instrumental in the creation and perseverance of Terran Civilization.

Cryogenics. The science of “freezing” a living individual, and later reviving it.

Dark Ages. The period of Terran history following the discovery of Neuronal energy, and before civilization became mature enough to wield such power.

Dream Enhancer. A neuronal device that enhances dreams. It is often used for therapeutic purposes, but also to create new experiences.

Emotion Infusor. A neuronal device that enhances or introduces emotions.

Enlightenment. The period of Terran civilization that followed the Dark Ages. It is characterized by the use of the ConSci to create empathy and understanding among Terrans.

Extrapolator. A neuronal device that “predicts” future events based on information and beliefs about the present.

Human. An intelligent and sentient species native to Terra.

Impulse Infusor. A neuronal device that encourages, and sometimes creates behavioral acts.

Isla. The galaxy in which the Terran system formed.

Mind Melder. A neuronal device that allows the consciousness of two (and, in some rare instances, more) individuals to directly experience each other.

Milky Way. The galaxy to which Terrans migrated when faced with the inevitable destruction of their galaxy of origin, Isla.

Neural Inhibitor. A neuronal device that lessens (and sometimes eliminates) the influence and effectiveness of other neuronal devices.

Neuronal energy. The energy generated by living, especially cerebral, tissue.

Neuralyser. See Thought Infusor. This is an unabashed homage to Lowell Cunningham.

Talent Enhancer. A neuronal device that enhances physical and other related skills and abilities, often utilized in sports and by artists.

Thought Infusor. A neuronal device that can erase and create memories. Also called Neuralyser.

Terra. A planet in a binary star system in Isla Galaxy, the first in the universe (so far as all experts know) on which intelligent life evolved and thrived.

Vulcuns. An intelligent and sentient species native to Terra, known for their devotion to logic, and disdain of emotions.