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18.4 Revelation 4: The Rings of Saturn

“How many planets are there in this system?”

As the Historian asked about the solar system, I felt every scrap of knowledge that I had ever been exposed to flash into my thoughts. The images exploded in my mind, some vividly, others only dim, depending it seemed not only on the kind and quality of exposure but also the intensity of my interest. Even when I didn’t answer, or couldn’t answer, I could see what I knew, what I didn’t even know I knew.

“Are there any massive gas planets? Are they close to the star, or farther out?”

“Saturn has rings. Is that important?”

“It is important. It is another piece of the puzzle.”

“What does it tell you?”

“The rings of this planet were likely formed by comets that brought water and organic molecules to the planets you call Earth and Mars.”

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