1 Dramatis Personae

Primary Personae

Dolly_1Dolly_2Dolly a’Bello [DA] An artist; she is proficient in all forms of art, from music to sculpture, poetry to painting; she would be world-renowned, if she cared about such things, and marketed herself accordingly. Her golden blonde hair, as fine and silken as the finest silk, shines and sparkles in all but complete darkness, a fitting match for her spirit.

Peter_2Peter Hatcher [PH] A slacker; he has had many minimal-wage jobs, primarily in the food service industry, before, during and after his unsuccessful five-year stint at college. As assistant manager of a popular pizzeria, and after several employment disasters, he has found a sustainable path. He plays guitar, and aspires to be in a local rock band of much repute, eschewing fame and fortune. He lives with his sister in a small house near the university where she is a research assistant for a prominent biology professor. For obvious reasons, he prefers to be called Hatch.

Jubalee_1Jubalee [JU] A street preacher; she was educated in a prestigious seminary; she refuses to work for any church, or take any job, claiming that such work is blasphemous, that to serve the Lord well requires one to serve only the Lord.

Marc X. Amilione [MA] An honest businessman; his is the epitome of the success story, from rags to riches by only his own hand. Business is his life, and philanthropy his hobby.

Socrates X [SX] A philosopher; he is perhaps the only one left in a cold and mechanical world; he is not so old, dresses not so well, and is not so concerned.

Secondary Personae

Philonius Daunting [PD] An attorney at law; he graduated summa cum laude from the finest of law schools; he practices when he wants, where he wants, for whom he wants, and for any amount he demands. As a consequence of his success, he no longer practices regularly. His current passion is a small, dank — some would say seedy — pub called the P’s & Q’s.

Rosa Brunocetti [RB] Proprietor of Bruno’s Pizza; she is unquestionably in charge of her two sons, Joseph and Tony, her employees, her store.

Dister Felig [DF] A local curmudgeon.

Quasi-Historical Personae

Characters in this section are meant to represent an archetypal concept or mindset or approach to solving problems, etc., and not necessarily the particular historical figure, or that particular person’s views.

René Descartes [RD] A 17th Century philosopher.

Other Personae

Chorus [CH] Members of the community, passers-by, and others who often gather, mostly out of curiosity.

Onaizarg [ON] An Oracle; old, gnarled, and wise, this sage is sought by all who seek counsel.

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