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The Creators’ Story is a work of fiction based on facts, an attempt to explain the inexplicable. All resemblances to persons or groups of persons (living or dead), places (real or imaginary), or features in other works of art (including but not limited to: language, style, plot, theme, subject matter, phraseology, and use of grammar on radio, television via cable or transmission or satellite, in movies or videos or digital mediums, in novels, short stories, plays or poetry, etc.) is entirely, although occasionally inadvertently, intentional. All assertions made herein that are not factual are, in fact, fictional.

This creation is meant to be extensive and universal, and was created for others more talented than its creator. It is a mere outline sketch of the infinitely complex tapestry of realistic possibilities. Built on a foundation of a few simple and plausible assumptions, it is meant to be both messenger and message, story and storyteller.


1 The Historian
1.1 The Ring of History
2 The Exodus Files [TBA]
3 Genesis 501 [TBA]
4 True Origins
5 Final Days
5.1 The Final Week of Jim Dandy
6 Pedagogical Exercises
6.1 The Dialogues of Socrates X
7 Dream Weaving [TBA]
8 The Prognosticator
9 The Horror Society

99 Glossary

A Blog transformed into an eBook?!?

I am intrigued enough to throw some money where my curiosity has been sparked... Here's ten bits.