5 Final Days

Accidents happen.

More often, however, what seems random is in reality the discernible outcome of a cascade of facts, decisions, and actions. In our hearts, we know this to be true, and in the face of the truly unpredictable, we want it to be true.

Nowhere does our imagination roam more free than when we try to accept a premature end to that which we hold dear. We see details that are irrelevant, and conjure connections that are not there. We ignore facts that challenge the story about the world within which we want to live.

Such is an origin of shadowy conspiracies and paranoid theories.

But the devil, it is said, is in the details.

These stories are about the details that precede an end — of a life, a project, an idea.


1 The Final Week of Jim Dandy

1.1 Friday; 1.2 Friday Night; 1.3 Saturday [TBA]; 1.4 Saturday Night [TBA]; 1.5 Sunday [TBA]; 1.6 Sunday Night [TBA]; 1.7 Monday [TBA]; 1.8 Monday Night [TBA]; 1.9 Tuesday [TBA]; 1.10 Tuesday Night [TBA]; 1.11 Wednesday [TBA]; 1.12 Wednesday Night [TBA]; 1.13 Thursday [TBA]; 1.14 Thursday Night [TBA]