1 The Dialogues of Socrates X


"Somewhere out there Wisdom sleeps, waiting on the lonely call from a desperate people."

“Somewhere out there Wisdom sleeps, waiting on the lonely call from a desperate people.”

When I was young, many years ago, I found a small metallic box and a small collection of silverware, coins and other sundries revealed by the endless ebb and flow of the relentless tide on a small, secluded beach. Little did I know that the enthusiasm for what I thought was treasure was misplaced. It was not until just recently that I discovered the truth.

I rediscovered my collection in long-term storage. I had not thought about it for years, and I couldn’t help but examine each piece with a sense of nostalgic wonder. Inexplicably, I did something I had never even considered before: I placed a small coin into the metal box.

I started hearing voices. They were telling a story, an odd story filled with unfamiliar characters and settings, but also with those that are an intimate part of my own education and experience. It was as if the voices were borrowing my own thoughts to make an alien story easier to comprehend.

I have begun to transcribe the story. It is a challenging task. Not only is there a tremendous amount of material, but sometimes the story is jumbled and confused, as if it is out of order. As I make sense of it, I will record it here in the hope that after all is said and done it is a story worth telling.


1 Dramatis Personae
1.1 Prologue
2 Act 1: Foundations
2.1 Prelude [TBA]
2.2 Book 1: On Philosophy
2.2.1 Preamble
2.2.2 Day 1: What is Philosophy?
2.2.3 Interlude: The Oracle Speaks
2.3 Book 2: On Some Important Groundwork
2.3.1 Preamble [TBA]
2.3.2 Day 1: First Steps
2.3.3 Day 2: Second Motions
2.3.4 Day 3: Third Degree
2.3.5 Day 4: For Arguments’ Sake [TBA]
2.3.6 Day 5: The Most Infamous Informal Fallacies [TBA]
2.3.7 Interlude: Crossing Divides [TBA]
2.4 Book 3: On The Individual & The Self
2.4.1 Preamble
2.4.2 Day 1: A Dream & A Method
2.4.3 Interlude [TBA]
3 Act 2 [TBA]
4 Act 3 [TBA]
5 Denouement [TBA]
5.1 The End? [TBA]