18.2 Revelation 2: Earth

“What is this planet?” is not a question I ever expected to hear, and my answer was met with scorn.

“That is a stupid name. You might as well call it mud, or dirt — Planet Dirt!”

Every word felt as if it burst from my memory with a thousand images and ideas. Giraffes and clouds, sunsets and thunderstorms — so many visions and sensations that were bound inextricably to each word or its object.

“What should I call this planet?” I asked, but got no reply.

“Is Earth special?”

“Yes, indeed! I should say so! This planet is in a remarkably stable, single-star system. It is in an ideal orbit of an ideal star, and has a natural satellite that establishes beneficial environmental conditions for life. It has a substantial magnetic field to protect that life, and even a mantle that has tectonic plates, and ample geothermal energy. Not to mention abundant water and minerals, and other elements, in amounts virtually unachievable via conventional terraforming.”

“This planet, its moon, and the system in which they dance, were created.”

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