6 Solving Problems

“There is no doubt that necessity is the mother of invention, and Human’s history and nature forced and inspired them to find so many ends as nothing short of necessary. From the rudiments of language, through the weapons of war and the distractions of commerce, to the monumental means of their very survival, they identified problems and invented or discovered their solutions.”

“Humans did not design or build the first vessels to venture into space, but they did improve them, resulting in ever new obstacles to overcome. They found, importantly, that conventional means of traversing interstellar distances was limited in various ways to about three-quarters of the speed of light. One of the more successful attempts to work around this problem, cryogenics, was marginally effective, and ultimately indispensable, but came with its own set of limitations and unintended consequences. So, ever industrious, humans invented the means to warp themselves to a distant star system in not much more time than the blink of an eye.”

“But before this bold step, they were able to determine and avoid the most intractable and dangerous problems. They did so with an invention utilizing a discovery that had nearly destroyed Humanity eons before.”

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