5 Humans Being

“Humans were in almost every way a remarkable species. They early on developed a sense of the wonder of the universe, and an acute appreciation of the best of what is, and of what can be.”

“They had a particular talent for curiosity, matched by an irrepressible habit of telling stories, and this dyad informed every aspect of their existence. They yearned for what lay beyond the bend, over the horizon. And after every inevitable venture to find out, they strove to describe every bit of the experience — good, bad or indifferent.”

“Sometimes this sense of adventure and experiment led them astray; but, with a healthy counterbalance of humility and reason, it always brought them home. In deed and more so in imagination they explored the multitudinous arrangements of society and its resources; of aesthetics and its inspiration and consequences; and of knowledge, experience and wisdom.”

“Humans created and improved science and technology that warped the fabric of the universe, that elucidated and manipulated the energy of thought, and that manifest countless applications that changed the course of history.”

“Perhaps most importantly, they saved Terran life from extinction.”

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