7 Truth and Consequence

“Human history is replete with the devastating aftermath wrought by the ambitious who failed to anticipate, appreciate, perhaps even care about the consequences of their actions and beliefs. Nowhere was the devastation more insidious than when health care was conducted as an industry. There was no shortage of those who sought gains by exploiting the fears of a lonely person seeking to ease the pain or prolong a life in twilight. And we are all, in the end, alone.”

“Humans were ingenious in finding syndromes and diseases, and their treatments and cures, and equally incurious about their causes, at least until the gains from discovering the latter overcame those of exploiting the former. But even this inefficient system made astounding advances, such as curing many cancers using viruses and other microbes, and repairing and replacing tissue and bone with stem cells and material from clones.”

“It was research into epilepsy and autism and other such abnormalities of the brain that yielded an insight that led to inventions that not only provided unparalleled entertainment and indispensable utility, but also the means of manipulation on every level of scale, from individual to universal. Facing these issues forced Humans to reevaluate themselves, their societies, and their place in the universe.”

“Humans discovered the fractal gradations of the energy of life, especially those of the central nervous system. This was the energy of the senses, of feelings, of muscular operations, and even of thought itself. They called it Neuronal energy, and once its potential was fully understood, mere consumer enticements quickly gave way to criminal and political manipulations and violence. This single discovery tore apart generations of traditions and conventions, and undermined virtually every unspoken covenant among them and their fellow Terrans.”

“And yet, Humans were able to overcome this self-inflicted wound, and were instrumental in developing the most sophisticated and comprehensive civilization imaginable.”

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