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19.4 Genesis 501 Status Report

“The prospects of Genesis 501 are grim. The initial formation, orientation and evolution of the planetary system is nearly without imperfection, but also betrays subtle concerns. For example, certain aspects of this system, such as the recent formation of Saturn’s rings, indicate a preference of aesthetics over utility, an approach abandoned early in the planning stages of the Exodus.”

“Most concerning, however, is the fact that it has not been colonized and occupied properly, and this is evidence of catastrophic failure. Apparently, sentient species evolved on Earth independent of Terran oversight, but rife with Terran influence. These peoples have the blessings of civilization without, with few exceptions, the burden of the understanding of sacrifices endured to acquire it, and the limits that must be accepted to preserve it.”

“Such improprieties, undoubtedly committed or neglected by native Terrans, indicate that the systems of reintegration of consciousness and body have been corrupted. Since it appears that fewer than ten percent of the colonization population have been accounted for, there is a distinct probability that, if Ark 501 is even minimally operational, more Terrans will continue to assert themselves into the cultures of Earth.”

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