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19.3 Environmental Ramifications Status Report

“Terrans that appear throughout the history of planet Earth are, for lack of a better description, defective. They often do not display the ethical or moral discipline that was the hallmark of Terran civilization. Some used psychological manipulation where others resorted to brute force to achieve dubious ends that suggest a pale shadow of Terran objectives, such as ethnic or ideological purity. Some flout laws or community norms, while others flaunt an intellectual or aesthetic ingenuity. Above all, they have apparently forgotten, or even worse, eschew their Terran origins.”

“It is very likely that exposure to the environment of Earth has had adverse effects on the biological physiology and functions of native Terrans.”

“There is another distinct possibility, and these might not be mutually exclusive: cosmic or stellar radiation may have caused these or similar anomalies. This carries grave implications for the ultimate fate of the project designated Genesis 501.”

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