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18.7 Revelation 7: Visitors

“What is this structure?” In a desert, a massive pyramid reached out to the sky.

Almost immediately, I saw the tapestry of civilizations. I recognized some of the vistas, like those pyramids and the Sphinx in Egypt, and Stonehenge in England, and even the Eiffel Tower. Others were less familiar. I saw the great rivers where it’s said civilization started, and the columned buildings of Rome or Greece; the massive lines of art visible only from far above, and more pyramids, of the Americas; and depictions that could only be Atlantis. And, I saw a sign, outside a small town, for a place called Roswell.

“Who is this?”

Many faces, some with names apparent others without, appeared and faded as I replied, “Albert Einstein:” Thinkers like Heraclitus and Socrates, Aristotle and Averroes and Aquinas; artists like Van Gogh and da Vinci and Dali; powerful leaders like Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan and Napoleon, and Lincoln and Patton and Hitler — and so many more. Scientists, beggars, musicians; teachers, tycoons, and technicians — the blur of the lives of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of faces and names.

“Quite a few redheads,” I remarked.

“Indeed! Excellent observation! Some Terrans apparently mated with Earth-borne Humans.”

“Are they all Terrans?”

“No, not all. But many are. It is curious. This planet has not been colonized, and yet it has been visited many times, most often by Humans.”

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