10 Voices of Victims

“The period after the Dark Ages, when Terrans first started to treat each other as something more than merely means to an end, came to be known as the Reformation. It was characterized by, among other things, a movement that was dedicated to Justice, both in terms of appropriate punishments for crimes, and as a proactive force to prevent such crime in the first place.”

“Before the Reformation there were remarkable individuals from nearly every sentient Terran species, as well as the various races within them, who tried to live up to ethical or otherwise idealistic standards of behavior, attitude, and reason. Most were, sooner or later, and usually reluctantly, coerced and absorbed into their respective dominant cultures. Those who were not were often persecuted or otherwise marginalized. Many of the most atrocious transgressions would have gone unnoticed, and the suffering they caused unimaginable, were it not for a small group of Vulcun historical documentarians.”

“These determined archivists preserved the voices of victims, and exposed average and extraordinary Terrans alike to the darkest desires, attitudes, and impulses of a conscious mind capable of such violations. It was this new, intimate experience — of every aspect of violence from the pettiest of misdemeanors to the most efficient of genocidal exterminations — that expanded and changed hearts and minds, and transformed society itself. The conscience of Terra was borne in this collection of conscious experiences of Terrans from all walks of life.”

“Humans were the first to fully appreciate the importance of the Vulcuns’ achievement, forging a bond between the two peoples that perfectly balanced exuberance and contemplation, and ushered in a new world order that lasted and unified Terrans for billions of years.”

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