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9 The ConSci

“Only one Terran species did not succumb to the chaos of the Dark Ages. Because they were a reclusive people, as deliberate in actions as comprehensive in mental discipline, Vulcuns eschewed the use of neuronal devices until the consequences were sufficiently understood.”

“They maintained the scholastic monasteries established centuries before, where logic and reason was revered over passions and emotions. The study of neuronal energy was no different than that of photosynthesis or astrophysics or nuclear fusion. Eventually, when proper protocols were established, Vulcuns created or developed many useful neuronal devices. The Mind Melder, for example, allowed two individuals to merge into a single consciousness, and experience the other’s mind directly — an invaluable tool for mental discipline. On the other hand, the Neural Inhibitor shielded the bearer from any unwanted intrusion.”

“It was the perfection of the Thought Infuser, however, that allowed and inspired the creation of the institution that eventually formed an important foundation of a unified Terran civilization. By collecting the thoughts of philosophers and historians, engineers and architects, astrophysicists and mathematicians, and so many others, Vulcuns preserved important ideas and perfected important arguments.”

“The Library of Consciousness was aptly named, but did not earn its ultimate title — the ConSci — until it truly embodied its informal moniker: the Conscience of Terra.”

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