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4 Terra Firma

“Terra was home to thousands of intelligent and sentient species, the pinnacle of the evolution of life with practically infinite diversity in nearly infinite combinations. While some Terran species went extinct, by apathy or aggression or a myriad other reasons, most learned to cooperate or at least coexist.”

“Terrans explored their world and peered deep into the heavens. Many ventured out to the other planets in their system, and eventually to every corner of their ancient galaxy. They found wonders to behold and fear, but nowhere did they find life that had developed intelligence or awareness remotely similar to their own.”

“So, some Terrans colonized other worlds and whole systems. They gained and shared the skills and experiences demanded by the challenges of the dramatic and consequential enterprise that is terraforming. They learned to harness the resources of the Universe itself.”

“Among the most adventurous and industrious of Terrans was a species admired and respected almost by all, certainly not by accident.”

“They called themselves Human.”

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