1 Lost Ring Found

One day, after a midlife birthday, while walking a trail well travelled, I found myself lost on a dark and unfamiliar path. Exhausted, I sat down to rest. I looked down to see a circle in the clay.

Captivated, I investigated and dug out a long lost ring. IMG_20190125_023406366.jpgI wiped the face to find a gold design embedded on a field of red. I cleared the clay from the rest of the ring, and slipped it on the little finger of my right hand.

I felt a tingle and I saw the ring begin to glow. Before I could get the ring off my finger, I went blind with visions of a binary star system, and a majestic planet of blue-green oceans with several continents studded with glistening cities framed by lakes or rivers or mountains or any number of nature’s repertoire.

And then a brilliant light that erased it all.

All of this flashed not merely before my eyes, but in my conscious mind, during the second or two it took to remove that ring.

And in the last moments, I also heard a voice: “I am the Historian.”

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