20 Resolutions

“This Portal is compromised. Compromised. It has likely been used for unauthorized, possibly nefarious purposes. Purposes. Security algorithms and protocols have been circumscribed and undermined. Unauthorized users allowed. This unit can no longer guarantee the integrity of its utility. Attempting a reset. If successful, this user will receive a cognitive recalibration. Calibration. Even if successful, the effects will not manifest immediately, and may not appear for weeks or months.”

These words coincided with the warm tingle from the ring I was again aware of wearing. I mustered enough resolve to remove the ring, and did. I found myself at the start of the path I had set out on so many hours before. The rising Sun led my way home.

Once home, I recorded my experiences, what I could remember. I am convinced that enough of this remarkable story is convincing enough to inform anyone who will listen. And I encourage anyone who can confirm, expand, or even criticize what I have learned, to reach out, and tell your story.

You can contact me at the following address:


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