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3 Interlude: The Oracle Speaks

Chorus: O wise Sage, O ancient one! Please grant us the gift of your sight.

Onaizarg: Greetings. Please come closer, all those who wish to Know, to peer into the dawn of this new spring. I sense a new day has begun, and with a new beginning comes new questions. What do you, you rabble of onlookers, want to Know of me?

Chorus: We have met a new friend, a wise man, we believe.

Onaizarg: Indeed, as wise as I am old, and as sure as I am blind to the colors and shapes you see around us now, I can see His Wisdom shine like the only beacon on the darkest of nights. Do you seek Knowledge of Him?

Chorus: Yes. We have been blessed by His presence, by His words and demeanor. We can see Him as earnest, as speaking His mind, as opening a door we thought forever closed.

Onaizarg: And that brings onto you a fear unparalleled, even as you feel the warmth of His Truth.

Chorus: Yes. He has met us in the deepest of woods, lost and alone on a journey we did not know we were on. He has promised to lead us out of that thick forest into which we had stumbled, as blind in the importance of living as you are of light and shadow. He has promised to help us find our way through the Stygian gloom, into the promised land of Beauty and Truth.

Onaizarg: Indeed, and so He shall. He will relate to you the secrets that lay exposed, for all to see, the secrets of Being, of being Human. And how it is that this Nature you all share has led you astray. But, beware! His lessons are not easy to follow, the mirror He will hold up to your faces will reflect a Being you may not want to see, and will not understand until much later.

He will relate the character of the Individual, of being One among many. He will direct your attention to the Many of which you form only a miniscule part. He will relate how you relate, and your new guide will help you muddle through your relation to the mysterious. But, as with even the longest journeys, he must find a place to place a first step.

Now go, and do not bother me with any more questions on this, the darkest leg of this journey that you have forced upon yourself.

Chorus: We appreciate, O Master, in every ounce of our hearts, the apperceptions you have provided us. We bid you farewell, and extend to you our most gracious gratitude.

Onaizarg: Whatever helps ease the weight upon your shoulders. Now leave me be!

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