19.1 The Ring of History Status Report

“This unit is a ConSci Portal, Level 5, with an 85% access allowance. It is in good to fair condition. “

“Its power source is a cascading molecular fusion harvester, with a 27% depletion history, and an 86% efficiency rate.”

“The dynamic memory matrix is more than 84% intact, but there is apparently a floating anomaly resulting in possible reporting errors of up to 15%.”

“There are overlapping temporal signatures, so there is a good chance this unit has traversed time.”

“There are some indications that some secondary interactive functions have failed, and others are subject to malfunction. The Neuralyser subunit, for instance, is disabled. Reinitializing procedures are presently inactive.”

“It is also apparent that there are unintended consequences for users indigenous to Earth, resulting, in at least one case, in increased memory accuracy and capacity. It is reasonable to expect other anomalies, as well as adverse effects.”

“The damage manifest in this unit betrays grave implications for other Terran technology on this planet.”

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