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18.9 Revelation 9: Environmental Contamination

“What is this?”

A wooden cross appeared before me, and with it came religious images and icons and structures from throughout the ages, and the warm embrace of an absolute faith. Before I could ask about the dragon with blue feathers, an eight-armed girl, or the flying spaghetti, I was assaulted with the next question.

“Who is Casper?”

The pale, friendly apparition formed before me, and was quickly dwarfed by images that could only be described in general as supernatural or paranormal or weird like that. Poltergeists and other spirits; Big Foot, the monster in the Loch, and other mysteries; ETs and critters and predators and gremlins and aliens; and, among the more horrific, werewolves and vampires and zombies. Interspersed with these were creepy houses, abandoned asylums, foreboding castles, and so many other locations.

I finally found myself enough to ask, “What does all this mean?”

“Good question. There are indications that neuronal energy has contaminated the environment of this planet.”

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